HEAL Family Services with Brenda Benning, MSW, LICSW provides counseling and therapy to families with adopted children throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as greater MN and WI.


Focusing on the Unique Needs of the Children

Trainings focus on parenting children with traumatic histories and attachment issues. The primary concerns are for parents who have been parenting their children for a while and have continued to struggle despite multiple service interventions. Special considerations are made for families who are in the adoption process, but have not had placement of children yet.

The focus of training is on the unique needs of children with these concerns and how parenting needs to be different than traditional parenting to reach and heal the traumatic pasts of children and enhance attachment to their caregivers.

Training is available for parents and for professionals. Adoptive parents and pre-adoptive parents are welcome to attend trainings, however there may be specific training for each group also. Training is primarily in Minnesota, however Brenda has done trainings outside of the state also at special request.

Trainings have also been facilitated through MNAdopt.org and registration can be accessed through their website.

Contact us to find out how we can meet your training needs.

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