HEAL Family Services with Brenda Benning, MSW, LICSW provides counseling and therapy to families with adopted children throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as greater MN and WI.


Exploring Options for Struggling Families

Heal Family Services offers consultations for families who are struggling significantly and are exploring options for more significant services. These are intended to be short term, typically one visit of approximately two hours in length. A consult is to help a family and/or county worker assess the family and the services in place already for the family. Referrals are then made for additional services or changing providers. Additional suggestions may be made regarding safety in the home and ongoing services through the county or other agency.

On occasion, consults may lead to ongoing in home services, however it is not an automatic next step or intention. Most times, consults are one-time interactions with Heal and other agencies take over treatment following recommendations from the consultation.

One important thing about consultations is they must be privately funded; insurance does not cover consultations. Contact us directly for more information.

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